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Features V3.1

Pop3Connector is designed to download mails from an unlimited number of POP3 mailboxes and relay them to any SMTP server, for instance Exchange Server, GMail, or any other mail server using the SMTP protocol.

Get it right now for only 29 EUR!

Initially designed as a replacement of the standard POP3 plugin that comes with Microsoft's Small Business Server (with all its limitations), Pop3Connector has some features that are hard to find anywhere else, and comes at an unbeatable price.

  • Download emails and attachments of any size
  • Parse 'To', 'Cc', and 'Bcc' fields of incoming messages and delivering to the correct mail address, thus enabling the use of a few mailboxes supporting an unlimited number of recipients
  • Download mails from any online POP3 account, like GMail, Freenet, Yahoo, Hotmail
  • Optionally leave messages on original server, for a configurable time or indefinitely (not in the free version)
  • Supports SSL/TSL connections and the newest security stacks for POP3 servers
  • Supports SSL and TLS connections and the newest security stacks for SMTP servers
  • Download emails as often as once per minute
  • Either install as windows service, or use as a stand-alone executable
  • Free lifetime upgrades! Pop3Connector is actively developed and extended as you read this
  • Supported systems: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, Microsoft Windows Server 2008/R2 or higher, Home Server 2009 or higher, .NET Framework 4.7 or higher
    Please note that for the highest security stacks to work with Pop3Connector, they have to be installed and enabled on older OSs!

Pop3Connector is free for up to two POP3 accounts!


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Mail server security options Mail server and schedule settings Mailbox Settings (Parse header) Mailbox Settings (default) Main Screen


Pop3Connector MSI Installer: Supports automatic installation as a Windows service or stand-alone executable

Pop3Connector ZIP archive: Supports manual installation as a Windows service or stand-alone executable (please refer to the ReadMe file)

Pop3Connector needs the .NET framework 4.7 (or higher) to run.


Pop3Connector package

By purchasing a Pop3Connector license and registering it with the software, unlimited mailboxes and mail addresses become immediateley available.

The price for a full version license is currently starting at 29 EUR incl. VAT.

The full version license also includes lifetime free updates - Pop3Connector is actively developed at the moment. Features to come include advanced scheduling, usage of Exchange's pickup directory, and advanced archiving features.

Purchase your license at our shop.

Purchase your license at Fastspring.

Note that for registering the license, an internet connection is necessary to our license server. Licenses can easily be moved to new machines by de-registering and re-registering within the Pop3Connector software.


Please take a look first at the ReadMe file. If you need to contact our support, please do so via email.

If you do not have access to your mail account, please use the contact form on our main page.


Can I port the license from one computer to another?

Yes. Using the license dialog in the Pop3Connector GUI you can deregister the license on the 'old' machine and then register it on your new server.

If the computer holding the license is not available anymore, please contact us including the receipt number and/or the email address the license is registered to.

I see there is a new version available. How do I upgrade?

If you installed the Pop3Connector using the msi installer, just install the new version with the msi installer, too.

If you used the manual install explained in the ReadMe.txt: remove the service as explained in the ReadMe, and the install the msi package or install manually again.

All your configuration settings and mailboxes are retained.


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